Job opportunity: postdoc position at Wageningen

Job opportunity: postdoc position at Wageningen

The challenge

Are you passionate about solving some of our most pressing challenges? You want your impact to be felt both on terrestrial as well as space applications? You are in luck! The Bioprocess Engineering Chair (BPE) of Wageningen University, The Netherlands, just opened a vacancy for an exceptional, motivated and results-driven postdoctoral fellow within the field of microalgal multiproduct biorefinery and cell-free enzymatic conversion systems.

The job

You will be tackling an innovative project in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and several European space tech, cell-free and microalgal biotech, as well as novel food ingredient companies. The goal is to mildly recover and employ enzyme-rich microalgal extracts to convert direct-air-captured CO2 into carbohydrates within cell-free systems. Emphasis will be also directed towards using the residual microalgal biomass (functional proteins, lipids, pigments and carbohydrates) for active food and nutraceutical ingredients.

You will be performing both lab experiments as well as manage a small team of students, interns and visiting scientists. Moreover, you will apply for further funding, prepare the project reports as well as organize the quarterly communication events. The initial project implementation period is 24 months with the possibility of prolongation based on the obtained results.   

BPE is one of the most influential research groups working on cellular and cell-free biotechnology for food, feed, nutraceutical and platform-molecule applications. The group is leveraging its unique blend of bench-scale cultivation, extraction, purification and analytics, alongside its pilot-scale AlgaePARC research infrastructure. This makes it a one-of-a-kind platform able to directly translate innovative research into industry-relevant technologies.  

Who are you?

You are passionate about novel extraction systems such as natural deep eutectic solvents, as well as synthetic biology. You have a very strong background in eukaryotic cell-free systems and enzyme catalysis, especially the ones involved in the Calvin cycle. Moreover, you have solid research management experience, are proactive and always bring solutions whenever faced with problems. You are both a team player as well as able to independently draft and execute your research project. You have very strong communication skills  and able to easily bridge the academic and private sectors. The research tasks at hand are very challenging so perseverance and a go-get-it attitude is a must.

What do you bring?


  • PhD in the field of eukaryotic cell-free systems or similar;
  • In-depth knowledge regarding the structure and functionality of Calvin cycle and carbohydrate-generating enzymes;
  • Excellent English language proficiency (a minimum of CEFR C2 level). For more information about this proficiency level, please visit our special language page.

These will further improve your chances:

  • Strong synthetic biology background, especially in the field of photosynthesis;
  • Experienced in using (natural) deep eutectic systems;
  • Proven project management aptitudes;        
  • Proven grant acquisition record;      
  • 1-2 years of postdoc experience in a relevant field. 

Do you want to apply?

This vacancy will be listed up to and including 21th of August 2022. The preferred starting date for this position is September 2022.

Apply here.


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