Job opportunity: Postdoctoral researcher

Job opportunity: Postdoctoral researcher

Apply now: Postdoctoral researcher for our project “Bioelectrochemical and decentralized systems for earth and space”


In space, water needs to be treated extremely efficiently to minimize the necessary transport of water into space. Also, the recovery of organics, nutrients, trace elements… has to be very efficient. Interestingly, also on Earth, we see the emergence of “extremely decentralized” water systems, delivering clean water and even nutrients at building level. In this postdoctoral position, you will balance between space and earth. You work part of the time on European Space Agency projects related to the conversion of wastestreams from astronauts to useful products such as clean water, nutrients and CO2. This will be coupled to from a terrestrial perspective developing systems for treatment of wastewater at building level including guiding also sustainability assessment of these technologies. The postdoctoral researcher will thus be involved in the execution and management of several projects while also choosing their own research line in discussion with the academic supervisors.


- A postdoctoral researcher holding a thesis-based doctorate (obtained max. 6 years ago. This term of 6 years is determined by the date written on the above-mentioned required diploma).

Background and experience

  • Scientific researcher: completed PhD degrees involving environmental engineering, chemical engineering, biological engineering or similar are a priority. Other related topics are microbiology or bioscience engineering, completed before the start date of the position.
  • A multidisciplinary experience in several of the aforementioned fields will be greatly appreciated.

Scientific knowledge and skills

  • Knowledge in one or more of the following topics: water and wastewater treatment, bioreactor operation, bioprocessing.
  • Ability to rigorously design experiments and to perform experiments under well-controlled conditions.
  • Be experienced and interested in interdisciplinary research.
  • Ability to perform in-depth and critical data analysis.
  • Ability to communicate through high-quality scientific channels.
  • A qualitative track record.

Personal knowledge and skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively with team members from different backgrounds and in different research areas.
  • Excellent skills for time management and the ability to meet objectives within strictly set deadlines.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English are strictly required (C1 level).
  • Demonstrated ability to work efficiently and with minimum supervision.
  • Outcome focused, hands-on mentality.
  • Willingness to travel internationally for project meetings and conferences.
  • Experience and willingness to supervise students.
  • Ability to help in grant writing.



- We offer you a contract of indefinite duration starting with 1 year further renewable after positive evaluation.

- Your contract will start on 1/08/2022 at the earliest.



Regenerative Life Support Systems for Long Term Space Missions

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