MELiSSA Conference 2020

MELiSSA Conference 2020


The 2020 edition of MELiSSA Conference is the European platform dedicated to closed life support system. It is the place to share and exchange about fundamental and applied research for Space and Earth applications. All the respective communities: air, water, waste recycling, food production and preparation, modelling, control, safety, circular systems, education and societal impact,... are represented. The Conference will highlight and foster the collaboration between researchers, engineers, experts, private and public organisations.  



The event will be hosted at Ghent University, in Belgium.

Dates : 3-5 November 2020.

The official language of the Conference is English. 







Suggested topics :  

  • Organic wastes processing and refinery
  • Urine treatment
  • Water recycling (grey water and condensate)
  • Edible biomass production
  • Food quality, processing and human nutrition
  • Physical, chemical and microbial contaminants
  • Modelling and system design
  • Flight experiments and space technology demonstrators
  • Ground demonstration and analogue testing
  • Terrestrial applications
  • Societal impacts and education 


Suggested challenges :  

Phase 1 : Basic R&D

  • Characterization and mechanistic modelling of a complex microbial community;
  • Characterization of Energy/Exergy balance at process and Loop level;

  • Degradation and valorization of plants fibers, tissues and bio-plastics;

  • Characterization and Modelling of Higher plants;

  • Technologies to convert VFA to CO2;

  • Reduction of organic carbon content of Urine;

  • Understanding and characterization of the Na, Mg, P, S, K, Ca cycles;

  • Processes to produce food with realistic ALISSE criteria;

  • Food preparation: Step Processes from harvested biomass to recipes;

  • Elaboration of a loop metabolome;

  • Impact of exogenous products, how to prioritize?


Phase 2: Preliminary Flight experiment

  • Study Hoagland solution and/or urine chemical behavior under temperature gradients in weightlessness;

  • Study a novel technique for transfer water (and nutrients) to a plant root system in weightlessness conditions..

  • Analyse the effects of space radiation on MELiSSA micro-organisms and higher plants;

  • Study methods and effects for extracting and/or injecting CO2 in liquids in

    weightlessness conditions;

  • Study an energy-efficient process for removing humidity from air in weightlessness;

  • Study the physical behavior of a fixed-bed reactor in weightlessness conditions, taking

    into account all the three phases (gaseous, liquid and solid) present in the system;

  • Modelling effects of beyond LEO radiations on MELiSSA processes?


Phase 3: Terrestrial Demonstrators

  • Gas Separation technologies (e.g. CO2, O2, N2, H2, CH4, VFA,..);

  • Technologies for specific ions extraction from water streams;

  • Dynamic simulator and Loop control strategy;

  • Biomass harvesting technology to an edible product (e.g. Limnospira);

  • On-line elemental chemical analysers (e.g. Hoagland, Zarrouk, Winogradsky,..);

  • ALISSE optimised demonstrators for water recovery from grey and yellow waters;

  • Energy balances of pilot/demonstrator/isolation facilities.


Phase 4: Terrestrial Applications and Technology Transfer

  • How to progress from the existing technology demonstrators to circular system demonstrators?

  • How to progress from the 4 existing spin-offs to the world leader industries?

  • How to deploy technology and knowledge from our existing circular spots to Europe?


Phase 5: Education & Communication 

  • How to place MELiSSA at the level of its ambition?

  • From PhD co-funding to a European Master program;

  • How to enlarge European motivation, from school to retirement home?

  • Societal impact of Closed Life support system activities.



Abstract submission deadline

June 1st 2020

Notification of acceptance

July 15th 2020

Issue of program

September 1st 2020

Authors whom abstracts have been approved must send their presentation/poster (pdf)

October 19th 2020





Registration is mandatory for all (included invited persons) and will be confirmed upon payment. Payment receipt will be sent to you together with your registration confirmation. 

Fees include:

  • Unlimited access to the Conference
  • 1 hard copy of the Conference proceedings
  • Access to coffee breaks, lunches and 04/11 social dinner 
  Before 20/09/2020 21/09/2020 - 27/10/2020
Students 160 € 200 €
Others (universities, research centers and start-ups - less than two years) 450 € 600 € 
Companies 600 €  900 €
Gala (accompanying person) 85 € (VAT incl.) 85 € (VAT incl.) 

Important notes

Registrations will close on 27/10/2020 Closure of Business. No registration will be possible on-site.

Cancellation policy

Full refunding for cancellations (requested to before 27/10/2020 18.00 local time.
No refunding after this deadline.


For any enquiry, please send an email to

Regenerative Life Support Systems for Long Term Space Missions