After the elaboration of the Workshop on May 2018 in Roma, Ghent University will host, on 6 - 7 - 8 May, a three-days workshop. The 2020 edition of MELiSSA Workshop demonstrated that common fundamentals are shared by the respective communities: air, water, waste recycling, food production and preparation, regenerative life support, closed loop systems, … 

The Workshop will highlight the research and development activity performed in the various matters related to regenerative systems and foster the collaboration and matching between researchers, companies, public administrations and experts.

  • Several topics will be discussed :
  • Organic wastes processing and refinery
  • Urine treatment
  • Water recycling (grey water and condensate)
  • Edible biomass production 
  • Food quality, processing and human nutrition
  • Physical, chemical and microbial contaminants
  • Modelling and system design
  • Flight experiments and space technology demonstrators
  • Ground demonstration and analogue testing
  • Terrestrial applications
  • Societal impacts and education

More information and the preliminary program will soon be available. 

Regenerative Life Support Systems for Long Term Space Missions